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A familiy ski resort in Switzerland

The pure air in Morgins inspired its slogan: Morgins, mon oxygène! (Morgins, my oxygen)

Want to try something out of the ordinary? Discover the ski Safari throughout the Portes du Soleil , or zoom down the Géant slope in a gravity-powered kart! Your children will be delighted by the postcard setting in which they take their first ski lessons. Remember when you were a kid? snowball fights followed by delicious hot chocolate in the bars and restaurants of the resort.

The nighthawks will certainly appreciate the atmosphere in the bars, restaurants and the disco. A variety of musical and sports events are planned throughout the season.

Ski and snowboard across borders throughout the fabulous international ski area and schuss back to the heart of the resort ! Morgins also offers 80 Km of marked snowshoe, walking trails, horse riding and cross-country trails, making it an ideal destination to discover nature in all its preserved splendour, a unique territory and a change of pace allowing time for alpine daydreams.

A summer resort

For your pleasure you have just the ticket to enjoy an active summer season: plenty of walking and cycling trails criss-crossing the pastures and mountains, even a chairlift if you want to start at the top!

The sports centre is a great place to stay active in the summer, with its outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts, sunny terrace and a play area for children. Morgins also offers horse riding, gravity-powered karts, fitness trail, mini-golf, clay pigeon shooting, fishing, bowls... everything you need for a fun-filled holiday.

Morgins's nature trails offer many adventures: The Bridges trail (great for picnics), the Forest trail (learn about the local flora), the Planet trail (shorter this year - we lost Pluto!), the Bee trail (sweet!) and the Water trail (refreshing). We also have a very relaxing lake, protected in its pristine state... a beautiful place for a stroll.

Alpine restaurants stay open all summer to tempt you with local cheeses, meat and a variety of homemade treats.

Morgins - Troistorrents

The commune of Troistorrents is comprised of several hamlets and 2 villages, of which one is Morgins. It belongs to the district of Monthey, and is one of the 135 communes in the Valais canton. It can be reached by the main road of the Illiez valley.

The commune of Troistorrents has 4301 inhabitants spread over an area of 37km2. It's neighbouring cantons are Monthey, Collombey-Muraz, Val D'Illiez and Verossaz. The Morgins customs borders France and the commune of Chatel.

Contrary to the wide-spread general opinion, the origins of the name "Troistorrents" do not derive from 3 torrents, as the commune possesses many more than 3. Without doubt impressed by the Tine Gorges they had to cross to reach Troistorrents, the Romans named the place Trans Torrentium, meaning: beyond the torrent. After several successive changes, this name eventually became : Troistorrents.

In Troistorrents, don't miss the discovery of the Tine Water Mills, the Historic Trails or the Bread Oven in the hamlet of Propéraz.

A bit of history about Morgins...

The resort's name is derived from the radical Celtic word morga (or murgo) which means limit, and dates back to the Celtic era in the 6th century, when the Pas de Morgins formed the border between the Nantuates tribe in the Chablais and the Allobroges tribe in Savoie. Hydro therapy was all the rage, and the presence of ferrous water in Morgins led to the first wave of health tourists to the area in 1820, and the construction of the first hotel in 1845. A passable road replaced the cart path up to the resort in 1870 enabling the development of the village.

Two world wars brought a change in the way people spent their leisure time, and the resort modified its approach to attract a new clientele and increase the number of visitors to Morgins in addition to area's existing chalet owners. In 1947, the Corbeau chairlift, the first in Morgins was built. The heated outdoor swimming pool was installed in 1961, the same year in which Morgins became the first Swiss ski resort in the Portes du Soleil to have a direct link with a French ski resort: Châtel.

Morgins became permanently linked to the rest of the Portes du Soleil ski area with the completion of the chairlift installatons in Champoussin in 1978.


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